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The International Association of Anthroposophic Arts Therapies Trainings (for short iARTe) is an association of international vocational and post graduate training courses. iARTe pursues the following aims:

  • Exchange of experience and development of the art therapies.
  • Quality assurance and the development of competences in the arts therapy training and study courses
  • Promotion of research.

It is recognized by the Medical Section of the School of Spiritual Science at the Goetheanum (Dornach, Switzerland) and sees its work in relation with its tasks.

The following specialist fields are represented in Anthroposophic Arts Therapies:

  • Painting, drawing, modelling and sculpting
  • Music, Singing
  • Speech, Drama.

iARTE sees its primary task as the teaching, development and deepening of these therapies by promoting research.

iARTe was originally founded in 1996 as the European Academy (EA) comprising 7 vocational training and university courses. Such an umbrella organisation would be expected to provide cohesion, support and mutual encouragement. Quality assurance also became an important aspect. The aim in the long term was to gain legal recognition for the professions in Europe.

Today as iARTe, it has become an international association of training institutions with members on (almost) all continents of the world.

Its main concern remains the development of the training courses, quality assurance and research.

In January 2020 membership of iARTe included the following:
16 accredited training courses
8 accredited post graduate (supplementary) professional training courses
See member schools
7 associate members

iARTe is organized as an association with its headquarters in Dornach, Switzerland. Its statutes can be found here:

Statutes (pdf)



Laura Piffaretti (IKAM Coordinator Art Therapies in the Medical Section, Lucerne, CH)
Dagmar von Freytag-Loringhoven (Freiburg, Germany)
Sofia Capkova (Järna, Sweden)
Enrica Dal Zio (Padova, Italy)


Coordination office of the iARTe:

Simone Lindau (Murg, Germany)
e-mail: simone.lindaumedsektion-ikam.LÖ

Education and further education

Education and further education


Not accredited by the Medical Section

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Becoming a member

There are two possibilities for membership of the International Academy of Anthroposophic Arts Therapies Educations - iARTe:

1. accredited member (vocational or suppementary qualification)
2. Associate Member

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