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ICAAT – International Coordination of Anthroposophic Arts Therapies

is a specialist area of the International Coordination of Anthroposophical Medicine (IKAM). This is a working group of the Medical Section of the School of Spiritual Science at the Goetheanum in Dornach (CH). IKAM represents and coordinates anthroposophic medicine worldwide.

ICAAT cultivates relationships and stimulates initiatives within and outside the various fields of activity of Anthroposophical Arts Therapies. ICAAT represents and informs about Anthroposophical Arts Therapies worldwide.

ICAAT is the network for public relations work, research, exchange, passing on information, further education and training worldwide in the field of all Anthroposophic Arts Therapies and in connection with the specialist fields of Anthroposophic Medicine.

The annual activity report can be found in the annual report of the Medical Section.

Our latest semi-annual report is also available.

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Singing Therapy-Conference 2020

October 21st to October 25th 2020
Dottenfelder Hof, Bad Vilbel, near Frankfurt, Germany
The conference will be held bilingually in German Language with English translation

Invitation  Organization
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Raphael-School for Singing and Singing therapy

New English-German Course 2021–2024
Based on The School of Uncovering the Voice


Crossing Bridges – Being Human

September 12th to 20th 2020 at Goetheanum
100 Years Anthroposophic Medicine

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Free Downloads!

The AAT books "Band 1: Plastisch-therapeutische Gestalten" and "Band 2: Therapeutisches Zeichnen und Malen", which have been out of print for some time, are now available for free download on the Salumed Verlag website:

Band 1: Plastisch-therapeutische Gestalten
Band 2: Therapeutisches Zeichnen und Malen 

Review on the state of academic AKT research

Erstellt in Zusammenarbeit mit Harald Gruber, Dietrich von Bonin und Viola Heckel 

The Anthroposophic Arts Therapies

New IPMT-Module