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Therapies – Speech

„Speech is the most human attribute and it was given to us so that we speak.“
Theodor Fontane

Artistic speech was developed in the early twentieth century by the actor Marie Steiner-von Sivers and the spiritual scientist Rudolf Steiner, who created a new approach to recitation and acting. At the same time the foundations were laid for the application of this new art form in education and therapy.

Apart from working with the spoken word, artistic speech develops and trains further elements of speech, such as sound qualities, rhythms and breath and voice control. As part of this process, the speaker’s ability to experience and express himself, his perception and quality of listening are enhanced.

The elements and tools mentioned are used artistically in order to take hold of, and adequately present what lives in poetry emotionally and spiritually. We can use the same elements in therapy as a way of balancing one-sided, and usually pathological, developments in the speech of children and adults. The balancing effect is attained in two ways: by harmonizing the speech process itself and by working with the therapeutic forces inherent in the sounds and other elements of speech.

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Therapies - Speech
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