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ICAAT is an IKAM section of the Medical Section and is strongly supported financially by the Section. Donations and endowment contributions for specific projects help to maintain the coordination of anthroposophical art therapies worldwide.

ICAAT's vision is to be a globally networked platform for the exchange of information in the fields of education, research and public relations work with regard to anthroposophic art therapies. As these areas are growing and need more and more attention and active care, we are dependent on broad support, including financial support, for further development!

We hope to receive this support increasingly from

  • our specialist colleges* in the art therapies speech/music/painting/plasticizing
  • (e.g. the yield of one therapy session per year for ICAAT)
  • the training courses recognised by the section on iARTE
  • the professional associations that are united in IFAT
  • through private supporters and donors

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Our financial letter 2021


Account details for donations and payments to ICAAT Coordination Office Art Therapies via the Medical Section:

Donations with donation receipt Switzerland:

Medical Section
Raiffeisenbank Dornach
Allg. Anthr. Gesell., Med. Sektion
Raiffeisenbank 4143 Dornach
IBAN: CH83 8080 8002 5593 0141 5
Postkonto 40-9606-4

Intended use:
Arts therapies coordination

Donations with donation receipt from Germany

Förderstiftung Anthroposophische Medizin
Bergwerkstr. 39
79688 Hausen
Tel.: +49 (0) 7622 672644
Fax: +49 (0) 7622 672645

Med. Sektion / Förderstiftung AM 
Volksbank Dreiländereck eG
IBAN: DE92 6839 0000 0000 9707 60 

Intended use:
Arts therapies coordination

For transfers without donation receipt from Germany and internationally

Medical Section
Allg. Anthr. Gesell., Med. Sektion
Postbank Karlsruhe, DE-76118 Karlsruhe
IBAN: DE59 6601 0075 0335 3277 50

Intended use:
Arts therapies coordination

Donate via PayPal

using the following link with intended use: Donation ICAAT

Donate via PayPal

Many thanks from the whole ICAAT Team!