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Singing Therapy

Singing – Singing therapy

Often the voice range of the patient is very limited at the beginning of a singing therapy. This makes it all the more joyful to be amazed at how the tone and beauty of their own voice develops.

Many patients have never sung before and think that if they are prescribed singing therapy, they cannot sing and are unmusical. They also have no musical knowledge (reading music etc.). If they do get involved, however, they quickly realize that they should not sing songs or even arias, but that they are gently guided by trained singing therapists to create simple sounds and melodies. Step by step they work out the elements of singing, healthy breathing, the sound element, as well as sound and tone formation, according to the diagnosis and their current condition.

These elements of singing and the regularities of music can be grasped by anthroposophy as archetypal forces that constitute the human being physically, mentally and spiritually.

The connections between these effects were researched by the Swedish singer Valborg Werbeck-Svärdström (1879 - 1972) in collaboration with Rudolf Steiner and worked out as a singing therapy, finally presented for the first time in her book 'The School of Voice Revealment'.

  • In their own practice, attentive listening opens up a way for the patient to strengthen their individuality and to deepen their self-perception.
  • Through sung vowels, the mental perception experiences differentiation, inner deepening and also expression.
  • In the formation of consonants, forces are stimulated which are plastically effective in the shaping of the human organism.
  • As the sound vibrates through the human form, dammed and blocked energies can be made to flow again and a stimulation of the life organism and the self-healing powers is created.
  • In this way, the breathing movement, which is the basis of all sound and tone formation, is revived, which in turn has a harmonising effect on the whole person.

Singing therapy is therefore a therapeutic method that addresses, strengthens and harmonises all levels of the human being.

Singing Therapy