What we do


Exchange with colleagues who are conducting research in art therapy; publication of and information on findings and scientific activities on the website.

Professional Organizations

The development and recognition of professional Anthroposophic Art Therapists is promoted internationally through the International Umbrella Group for Anthroposophic Art Therapies (DAKART) and the International Federation of Anthroposophic Art and Eurythmy Therapies (IFAAET).


The European Academy for Anthroposophic Art Therapies (EA) ensures the introduction and implementation of attainment standards on the basis of which the quality of training schools all over the world can be compared and verified.


Visibility and representation at conferences and meetings
Networking and contact with colleagues and other professional groups
Website: specialized information on art therapies, research, training, professional organizations and conferences; posters and flyers for downloading.
Regular e-newsletter: information on professional development opportunities, conferences, job offers and other interesting news regarding the art therapies.

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For more information on how we work see our annual Activity Reports.