Marianne Altmaier was the first coordinator for Anthroposophical Art Therapies (hereafter referred to as AAT). She was appointed in 1995 by Dr Michaela Glöckler, MD, the leader of the Medical Section. Marianne established the basic structures and introduced the following steps over a period of six years:
•    Journeys in Germany and to GB, F, CH,I, FI, Brazil as a way of getting to know the art therapists  and  training schools through conversation, teaching and the comparison of curricula and examinations.
•    The introduction of anthroposophical aspects into therapy (such as the fourfold way of looking at the human being and at pictures and the seven stages of the therapeutic process)
•    Establishing common training and recognition criteria in the various countries.

•    Efforts to unite the different schools.
•    Editing of all books on AAT published in 2000 by Urachhaus.
•    Moderation and co-organization of conferences for art therapists and heads of schools with lectures and group work.
•    Lectures and publications.

When Marianne Altmaier resigned due to illness, Dagmar Brauer was appointed by the Medical Section as her successor. From 2001 to 2008 Dagmar focused mainly on:
1.    The coordination of the European Academy: opening the EA to other member schools; admissions; visiting school for evaluation.
2.    Maintaining communication with all training and professional development initiatives
3.    Maintaining communication with all anthroposophical professional associations
4.    Setting up a coordination faculty (network) with contacts for important specialist fields and subject areas.
5.    Representation within IKAM: co-organization of the Annual Conference, contributions for the Medical Section Newsletter, cooperation with other IKAM coordinators
6.    Publication of a newsletter
7.    Developing particular (disease-related) themes for the International AAT Conferences.
8.    Poster exhibition of all AAT training schools at the Goetheanum (presenting training and professional development initiatives)
9.    Maintaining a requirement list and the publication of annual activity reports

Dagmar Brauer was then succeeded by Kirstin Kaiser who was also appointed by Dr Michaela Glöckler and confirmed by the representatives of DAKART (the international umbrella group for AATs) and by the heads of the EA schools. The organigram (What We Do) or the annual Activity Reports reflect the current ICAAT structures and activities.