Individuals can only become members as representatives of a training. Training centres have different options for joining the European Academy:  

- As training centres that provide a professional qualification for becoming an “Anthroposophical Art Therapist”
- As training centres that offer post graduate courses for professional development but do not award an “Anthroposophical Art Therapy” qualification. They can be recognised by the Medical Section in accordance with the following criteria:
1) Submission of the full course documentation together with a completed questionnaire  

2) Upon the successful conclusion of the post graduate course, the confirmation statement with contain the following wording:  

“Frau/Herr Mustermann took part in the certified post graduate course and can as a result apply the newly acquired skills in the context of his/her professional qualification as …………. The post graduate course is recognised by the Medical Section of the School of Spritual Science at the Goetheanum, Dornach (CH).”

3) This formulation can be included as part of the training centre's own certificate of completion. If necessary the student can also request a certificate signed by the Section leadership.  

- as an associate member which offers a professional training or post graduate course which is not yet accredited, or a college that is still being developed. On joining an associate member signs up to the EA standards for training anthroposophical art therapists and expresses a wish to work together with the Medical Section of the School of Spiritual Science. Membership, in the form of associate membership of the EA, functions on the level of the cultural sphere (as per the threefold social structure proposed by Rudolf Steiner). Membership does not imply recognition of the training under EA criteria. This means that since it is not yet working to EA standards, the school is not an accredited member of the EA. It is also not recognised by the Medical Section. Reference to Associate Membership of the EA can be published on websites etc. The training certificate cannot however state that Associate Membership of the EA leads to an anthroposophical art therapy qualification.    

The criteria for the various membership forms can be found in the following handbooks / leaflets:
Handbook for Professional Qualification download (pdf)
Handbook for post graduate training download (pdf)
Information leaflet about associative membership download (pdf)
For current charges / costs please see Table of Charges download (pdf)

Once all the required paperwork has been submitted it will be checked over by two auditors one of whom will pay a visit to your centre in order to gain a personal impression. Once the accreditation procedures are complete the training school will be awarded EA membership status.  

It is also possible for a mentor to help you prepare for the accreditation of the training centre.  

Please address any questions you may have to the coordination bureau: .

Training schools who are registered members meet together once a year in Dornach for the Trainers Conference during the first week of January.  

-  to exchange with colleagues

-  for further training

-  to share research questions

-  to advance anthroposophical art therapy

-  to discuss curriculum questions with other trainings

-  to provide mutual support within the accreditation process