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Anthroposophic Medicine

current Publication notes of the Medical Section (link)

current Publication notes of IVAA - International Federation of Anthroposophic Medical Associations (link)

Anthroposophic Therapies in Chronic Disease:
The Anthroposophic Medicine Outcomes Study (AMOS)

Anthroposophic therapies were associated with long-term reduction of chronic disease symptoms, improvement of health-related quality of life,  and health cost reduction. download (pdf)

Art Therapies

Book advice: Art Therapy with Physical Conditions_Weston-Liebmann 2015 download (pdf)

Book advice: Art Therapy with Neurological Conditions_Weston-Liebmann 2015 download (pdf)

Article: Musical rhythms in heart period dynamics_The American Physiological Society 1999 download (pdf)

Article: The Lancet Effect of breathing rate on oxygen saturation and exercise performance in chronic heart failure_1998 download (pdf)

Dissertation: Discovering Anthroposophical Music Therapy - An Investigation of its Origins and Applications_Monika Andrea Intveen 2011 download (pdf)

Review: Music Therapy in Hospice and Palliative Care 2005 download (pdf)

Art therapy in jail - Johanna Gunkel 2016 (German) download (pdf)

selection of art therapeutic documentations of the Medical Section (SVAKT 2010, German) download (pdf)

selection of art therapeutic dissertations (at most from SVAKT 2010, German) download (pdf)

selection of art therapeutic articles (at most from SVAKT 2010, English and German) download (pdf)

selection of art therapeutic monographs (SVAKT 2010, German) download (pdf)

selection of art therapy in oncology (SVAKT 2010, German) download (pdf)

Preevaluation of a documentation of a four folded picture diagnose in painting therapy (German) download (pdf)

Publications of the International Institute for Subjective Experience and Research (ISER) (link)

Publications of the Institut für Kunsttherapie und Forschung (link, German)

Publication notes of the Alanus Hochschule für Kunst und Gesellschaft (link, German)

Publications of Artistic Speech Therapy (link, German)

selection of music therapy (German) download (pdf)

selection NETZWERK SPRACHGESTALTUNG - main literature (German) download (doc)

selection NETZWERK SPRACHGESTALTUNG - secondary literaure (German) download (doc)

selection NETZWERK SPRACHGESTALTUNG - school (German) download (doc)

selection NETZWERK SPRACHGESTALTUNG - therapy (German) download (doc)

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