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Care Areas of the Medical Section
Our collaboration in the Medical Section will focus on five Care Areas in the coming five years:

1) Pregnancy, birth and early childhood, living with disabilities

2) Fever, febrile infections and the growing resistance to antibiotics

3) Anxiety, sleep disorders, trauma and trauma sequelae

4) Cancer

5) Chronic pain, palliative care, dealing with death and dying.

More about the Care themes you can read in our Activity Report 2016-17. download (pdf)

In order to do justice to the many aspects to be covered in each area (concepts, teaching, research and practical application) the leadership of the Section and IKAM are organizing multidisciplinary teams for each one. At the moment teams will be organized by the different professions of the Anthroposophic Medicine. Through a >>QUESTIONNAIRE<< the competences are going to collected. Interested persons can fill out the questionnaire and send it to Kirstin Kaiser, Coordinator of ICAAT:


Research projects at the Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences, Faculty of Art Therapy (only German)


Research projects at the HKS - University of applied sciences and arts in Ottersberg


Research projects at ISER - International Institute for Subjective Experience an Research


The German College of Psychosomatic Medicine (DKPM): work group on “Artistic Therapies”
The work group on Artistic Therapies (art therapy, music therapy, dance and movement therapy, drama therapy etc.) offers a forum for multi-professional exchange (art therapists, physicians, therapists) on research- and practice-related questions and aims for cooperative research projects in art therapy and psychosomatic medicine. The work group focuses on and discusses diagnostic criteria, process and result indicators, media-specific and multimodal treatment concepts and forms of documentation and evaluation.  
The work group strives to assess the current state of specialist research and to communicate its results across the various disciplines in research and practice. In doing so it wishes to contribute to the professional identification and the methodical development, in theory and practice, of the art therapies in the field of psychosomatics.

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