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The Institute for Art Therapy and Research/ Social Art and Drama at the HKS - University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Ottersberg, Germany, brings together art, drama, therapy and scientific research. Research at the Institute includes the design, promotion, execution and mentoring of practice-oriented projects. Its foundation is the artistic work for and with people.

The International Institute for Subjective Experience and Research (I.S.E.R.) – Arts and Health
focuses on health promotion and art, perceptual and sensory research and aesthetics as well as organizational development.

Institute on Art Therapies at the Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences

Research Association for Art Therapy: In early 2009, the Alanus University (Faculty of Art Therapies), the University of Arts at Ottersberg and the Institute for Art Therapies in Nürtingen have joined forces and founded a Research Association for Art Therapy. The Association, which receives support from the Software AG Foundation, seeks to strengthen cooperation, establish scientific exchange and systematically develop the profile of research in art therapy.

Research Institutes of Anthroposophic and Complementary Medicine


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